Looking Thru the Doggie Window

Smiley Riley Capone (on the left) and Princess Tinky Winky Tinkerbell (on the right) are my Chihuahua's

Riley is 5 years old and weighs 8 pounds. Little Tinky Winky is 6 years old and weighs in at 4 pounds.

Tinky prefers sunning on the patio and watching TV and is only a brief visitor to the wood shop.

Riley loves to hang out in the wood shop with me. He scours the floor looking for just the right pieces of wood to take back to the bedroom he shares with Tinky Winky.

But frequently the work in the shop is so dusty, noisy, or even dangerous for a little doggie.

When I shut the door from the shop to the house Riley will sit for hours waiting for me to let him back into the shop.

The solution was to install a doggie window.

Now Riley sees what is going on behind the closed door.