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Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:00 pm    Post subject: Holding tank and sewer line installed

The 20 gallon gray water tank is now installed. I used a "Fernco" rubber coupling at the tank to pipe connection. I am able to remove the entire tank without having to cut anything. The tank sits behind the refrigerator. With the fridge removed I can remove the tank.

RV holding tanks sold by RV suppliers are thin, wide, and long and are intended to be installed under the floor.  I wanted something different.  I did not want my tank below the floor because of my already low ground clearance and the additional work required installing it.  Because I was only using it for the galley sink water, I was looking for a tall and narrow tank.  

I located this tank at Plastic-Mart a company that makes all kinds of plastic tanks.  I was able to specify the quantity, size, and location of the pipe fittings.