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Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:20 pm    Post subject: Moving the trailer into the garage

A key element in this project has been the ability to store the trailer in the garage. With all of our collaboration and finagling and even using the special torsion axle with a “20-degree upstart” as suggested by the factory I knew the trailer would still be about 3-inches TOO TALL to fit into the garage.

My solution was to make two steel wheel disks to replace the tires and wheels. The disks, being much smaller in diameter than the tires and wheels, would lower the trailer sufficiently to allow the trailer to fit into the garage.

I jacked up the trailer with a floor jack and removed the wheels and installed the disks.

The trailer rolled into the garage effortlessly. But it is a close fit.  The finished roll-in trailer height is 81 ½-inches. 

That is my son in the photos.