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Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:06 am    Post subject: On the road. A/C is a flop

We took our first over-nighter. This morning I am sitting under a tree with my sippy-cup of home brewed java enjoying the sounds of the birds.

Great WiFi here at the campground. I am using the Toshiba laptop I bought at Walmart for a couple of hundred dollars on sale. My daughter has one and she recommended it. It is working very well.

I have not posted last week's photos of the work that was done. I will do so when I get back home.

Rolling the TT out of the garage and installing the tires went very very good. My driveway has a slope to it and I put a 4x4 a couple of feet in front of the wheels as I eased it out. I pulled the break-away switch and locked the brakes while I jacked it up to put the tires on. I will add a hand held switch to turn on the brakes as I am rolling it out for the next time.

The portable A/C was a flop. There is a whole thread elsewhere on A/C's and they are right about the portable A/C and WHY it doesn't work in a TT. I only used it because I had it. (Glad I did not buy it for the TT). I will be getting a regular wall unit and installing it in the rear door.

Getting the A/C out of the trailer and into the wall will open up a whole lot of storage space. I am also going to delete the hanging closet space and install tote bins or other means of storage. I will have a couple of hanging hooks only. Shirts and stuff I want to hang up will be hung in the truck camper.            

The huge countertop is awesome. I did not start out with it so deep. It grew 12 inches when I put the holding tank behind the fridge. The ceiling height of 5'6" (I am 5'9") is no issue except when taking a huge slug of ice tea right from the bottle.

We slept on an inflatable mattress on the floor that worked well for temporary use.

I am already looking forward to our next adventure.


From Darla:
    Hi Peter I was on your blog and saw your trailer. Great job! You are quite talented. You inspire me! My name is Darla and I’m going to be building a small custom travel trailer later this year to travel solo full time throughout the United States. Yup, I’m doin it! I would love to share my RV plans with you and hopefully get your feedback on them. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, comments or suggestions based on your RV experience. (i.e. my floor plan design, equipment, decor, structural design, sustainability, etc.) It’s even okay to tell me I am crazy! :–)
    I put my plans online at:
    Thank you so much for your time and for your input. Hope to hear from you.

Regards, Darla

Peter's Reply:
    WOW. Great Job. I like your thinking on the inward opening door. Great layout.
    I had a major size restriction with my design. It had to fit into my garage. I do not regret having to make it smaller to fit into the garage. My garage shop is fully air conditioned so working indoors is wonderful. MY biggest concern was dealing with hurricanes. Secondly I was concerned that the City might decide to no longer allow RV's in driveways.
    The garage door limited my height and width. I could have made the trailer longer, but I have an extensive wood working shop and I did not want to sacrifice shop work space when the trailer was inside.
    I should have added a second large window on the street side by the bed, and made it an escape window. At the time I was planning a storage cabinet there. Now I find I have an abundance of storage that is not even being used.
    Have fun and stay in touch. Peter