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Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:47 pm    Post subject: Plan-B into the garage

Plan-A for getting the TT into the garage meant pushing it in by hand. Simple enough and it worked okay with my son there to help. But it was quite an effort to get it up the slant of the driveway working alone. Once it was in the garage it rolled effortlessly.

Time for Plan-B. Winch it in. I got the winch at WalMart for about $70.00. The winch is made by Reese and has a 12 volt motor. It also has a removable bracket that can be hooked over a hitch ball. The bracket is also predrilled for mounting on a solid surface.

I installed the mounting plate to the floor of the TT. I don't carry the winch with me. It stays in the garage and gets hooked on the trailer when I want to move the TT inside. I power the winch from the 12-volt batteries on the TT.

The winch comes with 29-feet of winch cable which is not enough to get it all of the way into the garage. I added 10 feet of light chain, attached to a simple loop anchor plate that is Tap-Conned to the floor.

Getting the TT out of the garage is easier too. I roll the TT out the door to the edge of the driveway.  Then I "lower" it down the driveway and remove the wheel disks and install the tires.