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Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:10 pm    Question from a reader.  Single vs tandem Axle

Why did you decide to go with a single axle vs a tandem axle?  Also, would you mind sending emailing me your drawings and specs?  


Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:16 pm    My Reply

In the mid-seventies I lived in a 19' Shasta trailer for five years and towed it all over the country and it only had a single axle. The cost difference between the single axle and the tandem axle was only $300. However the difference in trailer weight is 720 pounds. Fourteen-hundred pounds for the single axel and twenty-one hundred and twenty pounds for the tandem axel.

The tandem axle trailer is 50% heavier than the single. The tandem has twice the number of tires, bearings, brakes, etc to fail. The tandem axle would have required the side door to be moved forward and that would have affected my galley layout.

I never had a flat or blowout on my very heavy, wood framed Shasta in five years of towing. My current Chevy S-10 has 322,000 miles on it and has never had a blowout.

In the Shasta, I carried a spare tire, a spare hub and bearings assembly all greased up and ready to go and a complete replacement brake assembly for one wheel.

I do not have any drawings or specifications.  I made several quick sketches and did a masking tape layout on the garage floor before deciding on the size of the trailer.

Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:40 pm    Post subject: Window frame for front picture window

Here is the window frame for the 18x60 inch front picture window. It is made of marine-grade aluminum and is now at the auto body shop getting an epoxy primer and a dark grey top coat. I expect the tinted impact glass to arrive later this week and the glass company will install the glass into the aluminum frame.