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Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:49 pm    Post subject: this is the FINAL interior layout

All of the "rough carpentry" is done. Finally. Next step is adding the face-frame cabinetry, drawers in the kitchen and cabinet doors.

Under the desk I added a shelf and it will have doors on it. I widened the toilet compartment a bit and made a rolling base for the Porta-Potti.

I built a half-wall across the back doors with a shelf along the back for an alarm clock, a place to park my eye glasses at night and somewhere to put that bottle of Rolaids


I reconfigured the storage area under the bed. Making a walled off space for the spare tire, jack and blocks, and the two doggie fences. The rest of the under bed storage area is accessible from both the interior and the back doors.


January 9th I am having my right hip joint replaced so this is as far as I am going until probably March 2012.