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From Bruce M:
    Peter, I have thoroughly enjoyed your site and what you have done with your cargo trailer. I have my own cargo trailer and have gone over all the u-tube sites and anything else I could find to get idea's for conversion to a camper.
    Your site has peaked my interest and I couldn't wait to see what was coming next.
    I also am awaiting right hip surgery for replacement long with a knee replacement. But it doesn't keep me down.
    My wife passed away in 2006 and I sold my business in Vermont and then sold my property and came south to retire. As good as all that sounds the market kept me from making out financially well. I will be starting on my trailer conversion early this summer, soon as winter is over. (I am now in S.E.Texas). Looking forward to your future posts.

Bruce Matthews, Age 64

Peter's Reply:
    Thanks, great to hear from you. Enjoy your retirement. I sure love mine.
    I take it you saw my trailer build on my web site. That is not the full story yet. there is more to see at the Teardrops N Tiny Travel Trailers web site.
    I need to complete the info on my personal web site.
    I hope to hear from you again.

From Abby M:
    Hello! I am SO glad I ran across your page! How did the rest of you cargo trailer build go? I was considering a bus, then a box truck, but now I am leaning toward a cargo trailer. Pretty sure I will be good to do the build myself.....except the electric. I wish you hired yourself out! Or gave lessons! Any advice you can give me would be awesome. I plan on using solar and deep cycle AGM batteries. All wired like a house. No 12volt for me. All of my lighting will be LED. I don't have many electronics to run or any complicated RV type systems to run. All of my outside lights will also be solar motion lights. Once my build is done I will be living in it full time. Any tips you can give me would he great. I would love to see pica of your finished trailer. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you.

Peter's Reply:
    Forgive me for taking so long to get back to you. Thank you for your interest in my TT. This is the link to the Teardrop and tiny travel trailers web site where the complete build journal was originally posted..
    I need to finish copying this info back to my regular web page. I received a lot of good information at this web site.
    Back in the late seventies I lived full time in a 19 foot Shasta trailer. That trailer did have a full shower and toilet. Because I had so much fun traveling around in that little trailer for several years I could not wait to retire and build my own TT.
    The best tip I can give you is to go slow, and expect to make changes as you go. I did temporary mock-ups of everything and did three short trips before I came up with the final layout. After each trip I made major changes.
    Have fun. Good luck with your project.

From: Chris J
   I looked over your conversion of a utility trailer and would love to get some input on ours. We have a 44ft goose neck cargo trailer that we need to convert for a Non-Profit I started. We need to have some living space in the trailer. It already has finished walls, and floors. It has lights, outlets, HVAC and a generator on board. Email me back if you could give me some insight.
   I could provide pictures and stuff. Thanks Chris

Peter's Reply:
   Thanks for your email. It looks like all of the hard work is done. My best advice on the interior layout is to put in temporary bunks, counter top etc, just made out of cheap plywood to see how it may work out.
   I took my trailer on three trips and made significant changes to the layout before i started to do the final product. After this fourth trip which was a week in North Georgia over thanksgiving week I again made a couple of changes. I took out the clothes hanging rod in the tall closet and added two shelves. Best wishes on your project.

From Bob M:  
   Peter, it's Bob from ECO Electric. After speaking with you at the seminar yesterday, I got a chance to look at your 'TT' build out. Simply amazing! Some of your ideas are... outside the box (very cool wheel solution). I told you I was looking for an older Airstream to re-do, my wife and i are very talented, but can't dedicate all the time you have put forth in both the project and the journal documentation and photo library. I hope you don't mind if I use it as a reference for my project when it finally comes about. I'll be sure to visit it again.
   Bob Mazz
Peter's Reply:
   Thanks Bob. Keep in touch.

From Kya B:
   Hi Peter! I ran across your site when I was looking for info on how to build my own shaved ice trailer. It wouldn't be as big as yours but the idea is pretty much the same. I am a 37 year old woman and I also had my hip replaced when I was 24! I saw that you had your done! How are you by the way? I was wondering if you can give me tips on the cheapest way to build my trailer. I'm a woman but I love building things! I have two kids and live off of disability and can't afford to buy a ready made trailer. Thanks for reading this. I look forward to your response!
Peter's Reply:
   Thanks for your email.
   I am 64 and had my hip done last year after suffering with it for years. Not only did the hip pain go away but my knees and back no longer hurt. i was walking with a terrible limp. Twenty-four is young to have a hip done, what is your story?
   In regards to the trailer. You need to keep in mind the health department rules as they are just like a restaurant kitchen requirements. You need wall covering that is washable like stainless steel, or plastic panels, the floor has to be washable and may need a floor drain. You will need a hand wash sink and hot water and who knows what else.
   I would first do a lot of searching to try and buy a used one. I would also spend a lot of time looking at and taking photos of any that i can find.
   You might even give some thought to getting a job working in one. You may not like the business after all. Many years ago my wife wanted to do an ice cream truck. When she realized there would be a lot of weekend selling at events etc she started selling Avon products instead. She did real well with Avon and I was always proud of her for that.
   Again in regards to the trailer, mine was not cheap to build. I have 13-thousand total in it. It cost a lot more than I thought it would and took a lot longer to build than I thought it would. However, I am thrilled with how it turned out. The doggies and I just got back from 8 days in Atlanta Georgia. I went there to fly fish in the Chattahoochee River in the National Park and it was closed due to the temporary government shut down. Still it was a great trip.

From Leslie E:
   I am also a Gypsy at heart. I have toyed with the idea for 3 years now about making my life more mobile. My game plan when I finished massage school in 2010 was to split my time between Va Beach Va and Florida. This past winter has rekindled that dream!
   Being not in the "Spring" of life and a single woman, has made me keep my goals smaller than my heart wants. When I revisited getting a small trailer to live in and started again to research my options, I came across your blog. I am forwarding the info to my sons who are owners of their own home improvement business and somewhat willing to take on Moms Gypsy pipe dream.
   I do not have the financial resources that you apparently do, but I work hard and believe this is where my path lies.With out being too personal, about how much did the completed project run? My goal is to spend next winter in Fla., with or without my completed Mobile Home.
   What I really wanted to say was thanks for your blog. It is inspirational, detailed, and I enjoy the palm trees in the background. I am sure plenty of folks ask to come by and see your trailer. And yes I would be one, if I make it down your way..or maybe we'll pass each other in a campground. Either way, thank you and please keep posting when you have time. Namaste, Leslie
Peter's Reply: 
   Thank you for taking the time to write. One thing I enjoy about my trailer is its' simplicity. It is large enough for everything and small enough to go anywhere. I just returned from a week in Daytona and Tampa Florida.
   My trailer is completed however the web site info has not been finished. To read and see more of my final work check out this link to the "Teardrop and Tiny Travel Trailers" web site.
   This web site is full of great information and also shows the work of others which I found very helpful
   Many years ago i built a very small camper on a pickup truck. It was just tall enough for me to sit on a 5-gallon buck inside. It had a bed, TV and refrigerator. For all most a year I lived in that little truck and was as happy as a clam. I was in Louisiana at the time working at a plastics refinery in Baton Rouge. When the winter months came the truck was a little too small. That is when I purchased a very well used 19ft Shasta travel trailer. I lived in that trailer for five years.
   In regards to the cost, I have about $12,000 into it. But that included completely outfitting it with bedding, linens, appliances, etc. and putting a few hundred into my truck for an equalizing hitch, sway bar, brake controller etc. and the water hoses (2) and electric cords(2) and all the other goodies that are in it.
   I could have built it for $9,000.00
   If you look at the many other trailers on the TNTTT web site you will see you can build anything you want from rustic to plush.
   Best wishes. Peter