Curio Cabinet

storage cabinet photo
storage cabinet closeup

This is a glass front 16X48 inch cabinet I made to display some of the many little oil cans etc. that I collect.

I laid out all of the display items first and that determined the height of the shelves.

Made out of Poplar, the back molding is made up of three pieces. The three pieces were glued up and attached to the case sides before the sides were miter cut to length. Instead of having to cut and match 16 miters, I only had to cut four.

To ensure that all of the dados for the shelves would align perfectly I started with a board twice the width of the sides. I then cut the dados. When the board was ripped lengthwise it yielded a pair of sides with matching slots for the shelves to ride in.

The rear panel is bead board plywood. I applied the varnish to the cabinet inside, and shelves and the rear panel before attaching the rear panel to the casework. This greatly simplified the application of the satin finish varnish.

The glass front door is not hinged. Because I do not have a need to open this cabinet I made a simple wood frame to hold the glass which is siliconed to the frame. The frame and glass fit over the cabinet and is secured in place with four very small screws through the side of the frame into the cabinet.