The Ironing Board

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This is the built-in ironing board I made for my lovely wife Judy. She had seen the commercially available built-in ironing boards and liked the convenience they provided; however, the boards themselves were very undersized and not suitable for dresses and other large items.

The ironing board is a tracing of the full size ironing board that Judy regularly uses and therefore uses standard ironing board covers etc. The case work is made out of Poplar and the flat panels in the door are Oak plywood. The ironing board itself is Baltic Birch Plywood. Note the matching grain pattern of the six door panels. .

The rails and styles were grooved to accept the plywood panels. Where the rails and styles intersect they are neither coped or mortised and tenoned. Rather a spline or “loose tenon” was installed.

The casework fits between the wall studs and is secured in place from the inside with four screws. The trim molding is attached only to the casework which allows the entire unit to be easily removed as plan to take this with us when we retire to North Carolina.

Judy has not yet decided on a color scheme for the room so the ironing board remains without an applied finish.

Comments From Readers

From Stacy M:
    I am in love with your ironing board! I have had a vintage wall mounted board that I absolutely adored but the board went with the house when we moved. I take my ironing seriously and found the wall mount so convenient and easy. Since moving I've had tried others but they are subpar on so many levels. Is your board something you would consider making to sell or perhaps the plans? Thanks, Stacy

Peter's Reply:
    Thanks Stacy. It is so nice to hear from you. The ironing board is one of my favorite projects. My wife was an ardent and daily ironer. The regular ironing board was almost another piece of furniture. We had looked at the available in-wall ironing boards but she objected to the small size of the board. And I objected to the prices.
    Please enjoy making your own copy of my ironing board. I did not build with plans, rather I did a quick mock-up with some scrap lumber.
    Be certain to check out the inside of the wall you plan to use that it is clear of pipes, electrical wiring, etc. While the wall is open is a good time to add an electrical outlet below the new ironing board.

Happy Ironing, Peter

From Brian D:
    hey, nice ironing board. can you reproduce it, if so at what cost.

Peter's Reply:
    Thanks for your interest. Note that the board itself is full size and not the little ones normally seen.
I have no interest in making any for sale. It would take the fun out of woodworking. I work too slow to make any money at it. Feel free to copy it.