Judy Drives the Bus

How times have changed. When our teenagers turn sixteen we fear the thought of them driving the family car. When Judy was sixteen she drove the county school bus.

old school bus

How times have changed since 1965 in Cove City, North Carolina. Judy was sixteen years old and in high school.

The school bus was parked at her house. Her first run in the morning was to pick up the elementary school kids and bring them to school. Then she picked up the high school kids and parked the bus at the high school while she too went to school. Then in the afternoon the high school students, some of whom were older than she was, boarded the bus for the ride home. Then she went to the elementary school and picked up those kids and brought them home.

She was also responsible to keep the bus clean and to get it gassed up. For this she was paid sixty dollars a month.

My how times have changed.