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Best Places to Visit in Axis on a Budget

There are many great places to visit in the axis. Some of the most popular are Apia, Filandia, Manizales, and Kalimpong. However, there are also a number of places you…

There are many great places to visit in the axis. Some of the most popular are Apia, Filandia, Manizales, and Kalimpong. However, there are also a number of places you can visit on a budget. Read on to find out more!


In addition to the Coffee Axis, you should also consider visiting Rio Sucio, an offbeat town famous for its biannual Carnaval del Diablo. The town offers beautiful colonial architecture, a cool atmosphere, and incredible views of the surrounding mountains. In addition to being one of the BEST PLACES TO visit in Axis, it is also known for its excellent coffee, hiking tours, and music.


Filandia is one of the best cities to visit in Colombia, and is also a popular stop on the Cocora Valley Jeep Tours. While Filandia has a small population, it still has a thriving local scene, and a day trip from Salento gives you the chance to visit both cities. The town of Filandia is home to numerous coffee farms, waterfalls, and hip restaurants.

Filandia is surrounded by miles of green coffee farms, many of which are accessible by dirt tracks. You can explore the town by bicycle, and you’ll also pass beautiful coffee fincas and lookout points on the way. The route is mostly downhill, and offers gorgeous vistas. Bikes can be rented at local hostels for very little money.

Filandia is home to several viewpoints, including the popular Mirador Colina Iluminada. This viewpoint is located just outside the town, and is a popular tourist spot. While you’re there, be sure to stop by Casa del Mirador, which offers a free view of the valley and the surrounding area. After you’re done taking in the views, you’ll probably want to buy some souvenirs from the coffee region.

When visiting Filandia, it’s a good idea to bring a car that can handle the rough roads. Most of the town’s roads are free of charge, but you should expect to pay a small fee to a parking assistant for keeping an eye on your car. It might not look official, but local drivers always respect the request of the parking assistant.

Whether you’re looking for a hostel or a private apartment, you can find a suitable accommodation. The Bidea Hostel, for example, offers private rooms and an abundance of natural light. Casa Matilda, on the other hand, offers a spacious, cozy and fully-equipped apartment. It sleeps up to three people and has a private garden.

Filandia is an incredibly beautiful and charming town in Colombia. It’s home to hip cafés and restaurants, as well as historical charm. The town is surrounded by mountainous scenery, with grazing horses, lush green hills, and shady dirt paths that lead to coffee haciendas. Don Eduardo and Finca El Mirador are two popular farms, and there are many others nearby.


Manizales was founded in 1849 by a group of Antioquians, who were also known as the Expedition of the Twenty. This settlement was not without its challenges; it faced harsh conditions from the landowners (called Compania) and the local government. However, the government eventually agreed to grant the settlers the land and the town was born.

There are numerous places to visit in Manizales, which include historic landmarks and hot springs. The city is also home to some of the world’s best coffee. In addition, there is a number of 5-star restaurants to choose from and a wide range of scenic activities.

The town is accessible by car and public transport. You can take a cable car to reach the center of town. The cost for a ride is COP 1,900. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to the city center. However, taxis must use a meter. It is also possible to reach Manizales on foot.

While in Manizales, be sure to visit the historic city center. It is home to architectural gems and amazing views. It is also home to a number of hot springs. One of the most luxurious hotels in the city is the Hotel Termales del Ruiz, which has a great view of the mountains and is located close to the entrance of the national park.

The city is situated in the center of Colombia, the capital of the Department of Caldas. It is one of the smallest departments in the country and is situated in a mountainous area. It is an important center of coffee production and higher education and is home to an industrial zone. The city is home to around 450,000 people. The city is experiencing a lot of development, which is helping the local economy compete with other parts of the country.

Manizales is located only a couple of hours away from Salento, another beautiful colonial town in the region. This town is easily accessible by bus. A visit to Salento is an excellent one-day trip from Manizales. You can enjoy walks through the historic center of Salento and hike in the Cocora Valley, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the country.


Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in West Bengal, Kalimpong is an east Indian hill town. This picturesque city is perched on a ridge above the Teesta River and is filled with colonial-era buildings and churches. Some highlights include MacFarlane Memorial Church, named after a Scottish missionary, the Durpin Monastery, which contains sacred Buddhist scriptures, and Deolo Park, which has landscaped gardens and views of the town.

If you’re looking for cheap shopping in Kalimpong, head to Haat Bazaar, which takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Here you’ll find everything from Tibetan jewelry to clothes and accessories. The vibrant street atmosphere is a draw for shoppers from all over the world. The Haat Bazaar can be found between RC Mintri and Relli Roads.

While in Kalimpong, don’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to the town’s many monasteries and temples. Many of these are renowned for their art and Buddhism, and are well worth a visit. Also, don’t miss out on the Morgan House, built by Mrs. Morgan in the 1930s, which is considered the most recognizable example of colonial architecture in Kalimpong. This historic building is also said to be haunted.

Another must-see in Kalimpong is the Mangal Dham Temple. This temple sits on top of a hill, and is the tallest statue in northeast India. Aside from its historical significance, the temple offers great views of the Kanchenjunga Mountain. You can also go paragliding under the guidance of an experienced pilot. A 30 feet-tall statue of Lord Hanuman is located in the Shri Hanuman Park. To get to the statue, you’ll need to climb a series of stairs.

Kalimpong is a popular hiking destination. The scenic landscape is complemented by the welcoming locals. In addition to hiking, the town offers activities such as mountain biking and white-water rafting. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled getaway for a family, Kalimpong is one of the best places to visit in Asia.

Another must-see attraction in Kalimpong is the Pedong Monastery, which is 20 km east of the city. This village is situated on the old Silk Road and offers a mixture of culture and history. Attractions in Pedong include the Pedong monastery, the Damsung fort, the Silence valley, Rikisum Monastery, Tinchuley, and Ramitey Hill, which offers the best view of the river Teesta.

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