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Places to Visit in Methuen, Massachusetts

Methuen is a 23-square-mile city in Essex County, Massachusetts. The city is home to about 53,059 people, and is located just east of Middlesex County and south of Rockingham County,…

Methuen is a 23-square-mile city in Essex County, Massachusetts. The city is home to about 53,059 people, and is located just east of Middlesex County and south of Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

Methuen YMCA

The Methuen YMCA is a great place to spend time with your kids. Kids can play on the playground, and there is a picnic area. They can also take advantage of the 3 mile Methuen Rail Trail. You can also catch a show at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall, which offers educational programs for kids. In addition, the town hosts an annual drama festival. During this festival, local youth groups perform.

The Merrimack Valley YMCA is another place to visit in the city. This branch opened in 2003 in a former elementary school. There are preschool and school age programs for kids, as well as a teen center. The facility also offers a gym and a fitness center with treadmills, elliptical trainers, and life cycles.

The Methuen YMCA is home to many youth programs, including sports, art, cooking, science, and more. Kids can also take advantage of the summer “School is Out” program, which includes field trips, swimming, arts, and sports. Children can also take part in community service projects.

The Methuen YMCA is located at 129 Haverhill Street. It offers a number of activities for all ages and interests, including basketball lessons, aerobic classes, and yoga.

Methuen Memorial Music Hall

Methuen Memorial Music Hall was originally known as Searles Organ Hall and was constructed in 1909 by Edward Francis Searles. The hall was built to house the “Great Organ,” a huge pipe organ originally built for the Boston Music Hall. It is located at 192 Broadway in Methuen, Massachusetts.

The Methuen Memorial Music Hall was once called Searles Organ Hall and was built by Edward Francis Searles in 1907. The building was completed in 1909 and was the first place in New England to house the “Great Organ.” The Music Hall is located at 192 Broadway, Methuen, Massachusetts.

The building was completed in 1909, but was never opened to the public. It was used for private functions and entertainment by Mr. Searles, who died in 1920. After that, the building was owned by a number of people. In the mid-1940s, eight people from the town came together to establish Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Inc. It is now a cultural center for the town. It also serves as a popular venue for weddings.

Methuen has excellent highway and rail facilities that connect to major towns and cities. The Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority offers commuter rail service and buses. The Lawrence Municipal Airport is also located nearby.

Methuen Shopping Center

Methuen Shopping Center was built in 1968. The property’s market value is $3,824,500. This value is determined by the local tax authority and may not reflect the latest sale price. However, the latest sales data from CommercialEdge will give you an idea of what the property is worth.

The mall was developed by First Hartford Realty Corp. in the early 1970s. At the time, the mall was the only shopping mall in town. It was situated on a plot of land that was previously an apple orchard. The mall cost $14 million to build and featured Sears and Howlands department stores. Later, Ann & Hope moved in to fill the void left by Sears.

The Methuen Shopping Center was a relatively new mall, with only a few stores opening at a time. The first to open was Sears. In the 1990s, the mall also had a Jordan Marsh. However, it closed within a few years. As a result, a lot of businesses closed down in the center.

The Methuen Shopping Center is located in Methuen, Massachusetts, just north of Boston. It is near the New Hampshire border, and enjoys good visibility from its location at the intersection of Interstate 495 and Route 113. It is adjacent to the power center known as “The Loop,” which includes Marshalls, Home Depot, and Stop & Shop.

Methuen Rail Trail

The Methuen Rail Trail is a 2.4-mile long trail that winds through Methuen, Massachusetts. It begins at Manchester Street in Lawrence and extends to the state border of New Hampshire. The trail is popular with locals and tourists alike. You can hike, bike, and run along it.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing stroll, an enjoyable workout, or a healthy work-out, you’ll find plenty to enjoy on the Methuen Rail Trail. The trail is ideal for people of all ages, and you can find plenty of things to do with your family. For children, there’s a playground and picnic areas. And for adults, there’s the Methuen Memorial Music Hall, where you can catch a show or take a class. There’s also an educational program for kids at the Methuen Drama Festival.

Located in the Merrimack Valley, Methuen is only 30 miles north-northwest of Boston and 25 miles south-southeast of Manchester. In the early 1800s, this riverside location provided ideal conditions for industrial growth. The town’s history was shaped by several influential families, including the Nevins, Tenneys, and Searles. The Nevins family, for example, was a wealthy New England industrialist and generous community member.

The Methuen Rail Trail is a wonderful place to walk or jog through the beautiful town of Methuen. You can enjoy the picturesque countryside, view the historic Methuen Railroad Depot, and view the town’s past.

Methuen wetlands on the Spicket River

In the early twentieth century, three philanthropists left an imprint on Methuen. The names of these men still adorn the city’s historic district. This town first became settled in the 1640s, and by the 19th century, it was a bustling center of industry, producing hats, shoes, and more at mills along the Spicket River.

In the past, the wetlands were popular for recreation, but today, they are only accessible via a rail trail. During your visit, you may see Red Tail Hawks, Green Heron, American Bittern, and Spotted Sandpiper, which are all common in this wetlands. Other species that can be seen at the Methuen wetlands include a variety of ducks, including Wood Ducks, and Wood Ducks.

The rail trail is 2.5 miles long and winds its way through previously inaccessible land. The trail passes the Methuen Railroad Depot, which was built in 1907, as well as the Manchester Street Park, which features picnic tables and a children’s playground. Nearby, you’ll find the historic Nevins Library, which was completed in 1883 and has remarkable stained glass.

The Nevins Memorial Library is the heart of the town, sitting in eight acres of parkland. The library provides free Wi-Fi and many other resources to the residents of Methuen and neighboring towns. You can borrow a book, purchase a media subscription, or even go on a museum tour. The library also offers several programs for children, as well as a large inventory of art, manuscripts, and genealogical resources. It also hosts a farmers’ market on the front lawn.

Methuen pond stocked with trout

In Methuen, Massachusetts, there is a pond stocked with trout and is popular for fishing. Forest Lake is 49 acres of groundwater and is open to the public. The pond is accessible through the town’s beach. The Methuen Department of Public Works maintains the pond. The Methuen Conservation Commission also manages the pond.

The Merrimack Valley Region has stocked the Methuen pond with trout, largemouth bass, and other species of fish. During the spring and summer months, anglers can catch these species while bottom fishing with bait. The pond also contains yellow perch, sunfish, and black crappie. There have also been reports of largemouth bass weighing eight pounds or more.

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