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Places to Visit in Methuen, Massachusetts

The 23-square-mile city of Methuen is located in Essex County, Massachusetts. According to the 2020 census, the city has a population of 53,059. The town is situated on the northwestern…

The 23-square-mile city of Methuen is located in Essex County, Massachusetts. According to the 2020 census, the city has a population of 53,059. The town is situated on the northwestern edge of Essex County, just east of Middlesex County and south of Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

Downtown Methuen

In the early 20th century, three philanthropists left their mark on Methuen, Massachusetts. They included David Nevins Sr., architect Edward F. Searles, and hat maker Charles H. Tenney. Their names adorn several buildings in Methuen’s downtown and historic district. The town was first settled in the 1640s, but during the 19th century, it became a center for industry, especially shoe and hat production in the mills along the Spicket River.

The median listing price in Downtown Methuen is $219,900. Homes here range in square footage from 700 square feet to over 2,900 square feet. Whether you are buying or selling a home, our real estate experts can help you navigate the process. We participate in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Methuen officials have long sought ways to revitalize the downtown area. In February, the city’s Downtown Visioning Committee unveiled its plan to revitalize the area. The plan calls for mixed-use development, more housing, improved walkability, and the rehabilitation of historic buildings. The proposed revitalization project is expected to cost around $2 million and is expected to begin this spring.

Methuen is located in Essex County, near the border with Middlesex and Rockingham counties. It is 30 miles north of Boston and 40 miles south of Manchester, New Hampshire. Residents can enjoy a variety of attractions in the city. If you are interested in visiting the town, take a look at the city’s map.

The town boasts two movie theaters in the downtown area. The AMC Methuen 20 offers upgraded IMAX Laser technology for a great movie experience. The other two screens feature stadium seating and reservable recliners. Visitors can also take advantage of matinee screenings at 30% off before 4 PM. The Nevins Library, completed in 1883, has exceptional stained glass.

Methuen Memorial Music Hall

Methuen Memorial Music Hall is located on 192 Broadway in Methuen, Massachusetts. Originally known as Searles Organ Hall, this beautiful building was built by Edward Francis Searles in 1909 as a home for “The Great Organ,” a large pipe organ originally built for the Boston Music Hall.

The Methuen Memorial Music Hall is a stately brick building with a towering bell. The building houses one of the nation’s first concert organs, which was originally built for the Boston Music Hall. The venue also features one of the oldest theaters in the country, the Orpheum Theatre.

The hall’s history is very interesting. The first owner, Francis Martin Andrew, purchased a portion of the land, but never opened it to the public. He used the hall for private functions. After his death, the hall changed hands a number of times. Eventually, eight locals came together and formed Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Inc. The hall is now a cultural center that welcomes the public during the warmer months of the year. It’s also a popular venue for weddings.

Another great place to visit in Methuen is the Methuen Museum. Inside, you’ll find separate rooms dedicated to prominent Methuen residents, as well as a comprehensive collection of early Methuen history. You can also visit the Methuen Rail Trail, which connects three communities in Northeastern Massachusetts. It follows the path of the former Manchester and Lawrence Branch of the Boston and Maine Railroad. You’ll also be able to check out historic buildings like the Methuen Railroad Depot, which was built in 1907.

The Music Hall also hosts numerous recitals and concerts each year. The hall also provides practice time for student organists. The majority of these events are held in the spring and summer, but the venue is also regularly rented for weddings and other private events. The building has a traditional church feel but is unreligious.

Nevins Memorial Library

Nevins Memorial Library is one of the most interesting places to visit in Metuen. As a nonprofit organization, it is supported by state aid and tax dollars, and employs 40 people. The library serves a diverse community and offers many services.

The library is located on eight acres of parkland. It was built in 1883 as a memorial to David Nevins, Sr. Its design was by Samuel J.F. Thayer, and it is a well-preserved historical structure. The library is also home to a large collection of art, manuscripts, and genealogical resources. The library is open to the public and hosts a monthly farmers’ market on the front lawn.

Methuen was once a thriving textile and shoe factory town. In the nineteenth century, the town was a center for industry, with mills along the Spicket River producing hats and shoes. Today, the community is home to a diverse array of museums and historic buildings.

The town is also home to the Methuen Memorial Music Hall, originally named Searles Organ Hall. This historic organ, originally built for the Boston Music Hall, has been a centerpiece of the town for over 100 years. Nearby is the First Baptist Church, a historic Baptist church building. Further south is Walnut Grove Cemetery.

Spicket River Greenway

Spicket River is a scenic and recreational river in Massachusetts. The Spicket River starts in Derry, New Hampshire and flows through Methuen and Lawrence, Massachusetts. This river is a wildlife habitat corridor, and today it provides a backdrop to biking and walking trails. The Spicket River Greenway was created to help restore the waterway and provide a community asset.

Spicket River Greenway is located in the town of Metuen, Massachusetts. The greenway has a paved trail and is open to the public. In addition, the Methuen Museum is located on the grounds and features exhibits about the town’s history. Visitors can also enjoy the Methuen State Park. The city’s historic district is also home to Methuen City Hall. The city was first settled in 1640, and became a thriving industrial area during the 19th century. The town’s textile mills produced hats and shoes.

Another place to visit in Metuen is the Methuen Rail Trail, a 2.5 mile path that passes through previously inaccessible land. It connects with the Spicket River Greenway in Lawrence and the Salem Rail Trail in New Hampshire. The Methuen Railroad Depot is another great place to visit. It features an educational program for kids and a playground. The town also boasts the Nevins Library, which was completed in 1883. The interior of the building contains exquisite stained glass.

The Spicket River has many benefits for residents and visitors alike. A 3.5 mile multi-use trail is open to bicycles and pedestrians and offers scenic views of the Merrimack Valley. Additionally, a 1.5 mile stretch of the Spicket River Greenway is open to all.

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