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The Best Chat Bot For Business

Messenger bots are an excellent way to engage customers. They can help you promote your business by providing personalized messages, as well as giving you updates on new products and…

Messenger bots are an excellent way to engage customers. They can help you promote your business by providing personalized messages, as well as giving you updates on new products and services. Many businesses have begun to use messenger bots, including Pizza Hut, Lululemon, and Heyday.


The Heyday Messenger Bot App is a powerful chat bot for business that turns customer service interactions into sales. It handles multiple languages and can recognize when to pass conversations to human agents. The Heyday chatbot helps businesses improve the customer experience on Facebook Messenger. It also sells a Shopify version of its chatbot that costs $49.99 per month.

The Heyday Messenger Bot App is free to download and comes with a range of pre-built chat bots that are easy to customize. You can get started right away without any coding skills. You can build as many bots as you need, and you can send up to 15K messages in a month. All you need to do is connect your Messenger account to the platform.

While Facebook is the biggest player in the chatbot world, it’s far from the only one. Messenger has 900 million active users and a thriving developer ecosystem. With so many users, the platform offers a convenient and fast way to communicate with potential customers. Not only can you increase exposure for your brand, but you can also eliminate the hassle of customer support.

Heyday Messenger Bot App comes with a powerful chatbot builder that helps you create a customized chatbot in minutes. Its user-friendly UI lets you build everything from simple auto-replies to complex purchase funnels. You can also add custom links and send attachments in your bot’s messages. Another great feature is that it lets you embed a chatbot directly on your website. It has a free plan for beginners that allows you to build up to five chatbots and get email support for two weeks. Paid plans start at $19 per month.

Messenger bots can speak to customers as though they are your friends. They are able to send structured messages that can include images, links, and call-to-action buttons. If you want to sell products through your Messenger bot, you can use Messenger’s product carousel to make sales. However, you must remember that Messenger does not allow payment through credit cards.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has launched its own messenger bot app at MobileBeat conference, making ordering from their app even more accessible for customers. The new bot is designed to help customers order their favorite pizzas, save their favorite orders, and answer questions about the latest promotions. It also works with Twitter and Facebook Messenger, making it easier for customers to place orders.

The Messenger bot app is available for Facebook Messenger users and connects to their Pizza Hut account. The bot can answer questions and make suggestions. It can also place orders and send customers an email when their orders have been processed. Using chatbots has revolutionized how businesses interact with consumers and can help businesses reach the next generation of millennials.

Pizza Hut is one of the first companies to introduce a messenger bot app for customers. It allows customers to order pizza from any of its U.S. locations by typing in a few questions. With its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Pizza Hut is aiming to replicate human interactions through an automated chat bot.

In the meantime, other brands are taking advantage of chatbots. Facebook Messenger chatbots help companies respond to customer queries immediately. Moreover, these bots can help users place orders by giving them an option to customize their orders. Moreover, they can send exclusive offers and promotional codes to their customers via messenger. As a result, pizza lovers can now complete their orders without ever leaving their Facebook app.


The Lululemon Messenger Bot App has many benefits. First, it is easy to use, and allows you to engage with the brand in a more personalized way than through other communication channels. Secondly, the bot offers users tips on running and yoga, as well as shopping options. It also allows you to ask qualifying questions and purchase items directly from the app. The best part of using the Lululemon Messenger Bot App is that you don’t have to leave your messenger app to get assistance with your orders.

Third, the chatbot can help you answer questions related to your business. It also has the option of redirecting users to specific pages on your website. Lastly, the chatbot can connect you with human customer support if necessary. For example, if a customer is having trouble making a purchase, the bot will help them find the right website and help them make their purchase.

Pizza Hut’s chatbot

Pizza Hut has launched a Messenger bot app for ordering their food. The bot will let you order pizza right from the chat box and provide answers to frequently asked questions. It can also tell you about new deals and discounts. You’ll need to sign up for a Pizza Hut messaging account, but once you do, the messenger bot will be free of charge. It will also work through Twitter. If you’re a Pizza Hut fan, you’ll love the messenger bot!

The Messenger bot app is available in 15 languages. This means customers can place an order from anywhere in the world. In addition, customers can also place orders using emojis. The Messenger bot app is likely an attempt by Pizza Hut to emulate the convenience of competitors like Domino’s. Currently, about 70% of Pizza Hut’s digital transactions are made through mobile devices.

The messenger bot app will be available at all U.S. units, except for nontraditional units like Pizza Hut Express. The app costs under six figures to develop. Pizza Hut partnered with development shop Converseable to develop the app. Users will be able to place orders and reorder favorites, as well as save their orders for later.

Domino’s has already experimented with social ordering on their website. Customers can tweet emojis containing their favorite pizzas and the app will reply with a prompt to place an order. This method will allow customers to share their orders with friends and family. It will allow customers to place orders for takeout or delivery.

Users of the Messenger bot must sign up for an account with Domino’s on Facebook to use the bot. Once they do, they will receive a notification that their orders have been placed. The bot will answer their questions and provide information about special offers. Once their orders are complete, the pizza bot will also send a confirmation email to their email accounts.

Lululemon’s chatbot

A chatbot is a program that interacts with users through chat. Companies are increasingly incorporating chatbots to enhance their customer service and boost sales. One recent study found that using a chatbot on Facebook increased sales by 87%. However, not all chatbots are created equal, and they differ in cost, functionality, and usability. Command-based chatbots, for example, rely on a database of predefined responses, and they do not learn new text.

Lululemon has partnered with Messenger to create a chatbot that allows users to interact with the brand without ever leaving Facebook. The bot will respond to questions and will display relevant information about the brand, products, and services. It also lets customers make purchases. Lululemon’s Messenger chatbot is much more convenient than other means of communication.

The chatbot also helps customers schedule appointments. It can use information from Facebook to schedule an appointment. This feature eliminates the need to call the store to make an appointment. As a result, the chatbot increased in-store booking conversions. The chatbot also offers customers the option of uploading a selfie and trying on lipstick.

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